What Men Deserve To Lose

Album review
Friday June 22, 2007


by Simon Jones

There can be no one direct approach taken to describe the constantly evolving music of the Peatbog Faeries, its very nature is polyglot and that disparate collection of philosophies makes them the perfect band for 2007.

In a time when we have to move beyond silly categories and vague labels, which by very definition can no longer apply – unless you’re stuck in a time warp – fusion is the only term that makes real sense. If anything, What Men Deserve to Lose  ( a quote from writer Derek Cooper) moves out further into the big, blue beyond, still latching on to island roots yet in a mood of glorious experiment.

The Peatbogs have thrown caution to the wind, through ten tracks of busy, busy music nothing seems beyond them and even if it is, by God they have a bloody good tray at touching every base.  So is this where the writer falls back on Clichés and starts to make generic references?  Er, no!  However, allow me this – if Junior Walker & All Stars had been based in Portree, played bagpipes and fiddles as well as brass and known about dub and programming, then maybe I should just say this is unique.  I love it heaps.  Now if only Milo had time to do a remix.

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